Class 12 and 13 with IB Diploma Programme (IBDP)

The two year programme teaches the students not only to become independent and self-confident adults, but also to explore their own creativity and sensitivity. They are taught to deal with any kind of situation in their future life.

Connection between the Waldorf curriculum and the IBDP

There are many parallels between the Waldorf Curriculum and the IB Curriculum. There is no comparable highschool certificate, which would leave us – as a Steiner school – a lot of freedom to teach in our specific way.

In summer 2016 there will already be an 11th grade as an IBDP preparation year including linguistic studies abroad, so that the students (they don’t have to have visited a Steiner school before) will be prepared in the best possible way for class 12 and 13 as the main IBDP years.